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MY STORY - Jessie Legent

I was newly married and so excited to start our family. Two months after our wedding, I was pregnant.  Sadly, a few weeks later I had a miscarriage.


A few months later, I got pregnant with our rainbow baby, our son Zachary. That pregnancy was very emotional. At the time of delivery, the excitement was there and we couldn't wait to meet our baby. But once we got to the hospital, everything quickly collapsed. We are told that it was too late to save our baby. Our rainbow was gone. He was stillborn. All those dreams were crushed.


The depth of my pain was overwhelming. Throughout my grieving process, I looked for different ways to commemorate his life. It was becoming important for me to find a way to mark his presence in my life.


After experiencing a stillbirth at 39 weeks, I know what it's like to seek solace and resources as well as rebuild your life and find serenity on the other side of this dark chapter. When I searched for commemorative items, I quickly realized that it was difficult to find any. I researched several options and had to be creative to find the right ones.


As I talked to other mothers, it was clear that I was not the only one going through this. However, once I found those precious items, it brought great comfort. I wanted to share this with other women. Nos Petits Trésors is the extension of this project. 


My wish is that this can bring some comfort to your heart. It allows other mothers to honor the memory of their little ones. All the items of this collection have been carefully selected to highlight the special place your child holds in your life.


Over the past few years, I have been blessed to have 2 daughters. And to be able to celebrate their small and big moments.



Jessie Legent
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