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NOS PETITS TRESORS, started early 2021, with a deep desire to highlight the life and the key moments of our little angels; with a commemorative shop.


We’re two mothers who’ve lived through the loss of their firstborns. Having both gone through our own grief journey, we know how comforting it can be to have commemorative items that honour their lives. Our mission is to allow you to cherish your sweet memories. We have curated a collection of items for your little treasures. All inspired by our little treasures.


Our respective experiences have motivated us to want to share this with other moms. So they can feel the sense of comfort and serenity that we feel.


Have a special home for your keepsakes, where you can cherish your precious memories.


hear our stories behind the passion by clicking on our names.


Yves-Line Brunache

Jessie Legent

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